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Most people wish to make bright decisions when it comes to their finances. There are many particular foundations that assist to guide people toward smart investment and finance practices. Earning a degree in Banking and Finance can help you have a deeper understanding of how financial institutions work and how financial activities play an important role in the economic sector.

Paragon International University is one of the top universities in Cambodia offering many departments, among those is Banking and Finance which is the popular department.

Nowadays Banking and Finance is a popular major for career market demands in Cambodia due to it has been building itself expeditiously with annual GDP growth over the past decades. The studies of Banking and Finance focuses on learning how banks and other financial institutions work or run and demonstrate how Financial makes a significant contribution to our economy as it conveys the liquidity with regard to cash or assets required for individuals and businesses to invest for the future.

Studying Banking and Finance at Paragon International University requires four years to complete this bachelor’s degree. Freshman year, we learn the foundation subjects such as English, Math, Information Technology basic skill, also the principle of economics, finance, and management; by doing so, students are able to have a well-built foundation.

In Sophomore and Junior year, students would have a deeper understanding about the Financial market, Financial institutions, Financial management, all the levels of Accounting, Taxation, Bank management, Research methods, also Law and Ethics of the business.

In their Senior year, students study many core courses such as Auditing, Investment Analysis, International Banking and Finance, how to minimize risk, and Financial Capstone. Furthermore, we will be able to utilize the opportunity in internship or work both in the local or international firms or banks in Cambodia to have a strong experiencing need for qualified student knowledge and financial ability after graduating from this degree.

Graduates who have earned a bachelor’s in Banking and Finance have built themselves with a high-potential professional skill and contribute to the labor market’s demand in many different positions available to them from various fields including Bank, Investment, Finance, Management. Plus, becoming a critical thinker in making the right decision, which reduces risks in managing finance by knowing how to do data collection, data analysis, investment planning, and having enough ability in solving the issues related to managing the budget effectively. They can find prestigious and highly-competitive careers not only in Cambodia but also in the region and the world.

Applying for a Banking and Finance program is as straightforward as going to google to search; and Paragon.U is one irresistible choice to consider.

Writer: Sorineth Sao
Editor: Seth CM

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