STAR Program

Do you want to study a high-quality Master’s Program at Paragon International University with a 100% tuition fee scholarship, gain teaching, research, and administrative experience, and also get paid a monthly stipend? We accept applications to the STAR Student Program. Early applications are encouraged and have higher chances of being awarded.

How to apply

Qualified applicants can apply for up to two positions listed below.
All positions include a research component as it is necessary for the completion of the masters’ degree. Courses for Master’s Programs are conducted in the evenings or weekends. The maximum teaching or administrative workload for all positions is 30 hours per week to allow STAR students more time to study and conduct research during the weekdays. The monthly stipend varies between 200-400 USD depending on the position and qualifications of the applicant.
To apply please go to and upload the requested documents

STAR Program positions