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What is the focus of the Architecture (ARC) program?

In recent years, Cambodia has been actively moving forward, which resulted not only in the rapid development of infrastructure but also in the alteration of people’s lifestyles and values. Inspired by examples of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, Cambodians demand from their cities not only functional but aesthetically pleasing designs. Local businesses do everything to match expectations by hiring architecture specialists to create appealing urban spaces. More and more office buildings, malls, and coffee shops adopt modern design to aesthetically satisfy customers. In the next few decades, Cambodian cities will continue to change the way they are organized and the way they look.

The four-year program in Architecture aims to satisfy the growing need for qualified professionals. The ARC major teaches students how to use form, space, and materials to express human thought. Through the ARC curriculum, students learn to see and value architecture as a cultural production method. At the same time, the ARC major provides fundamental knowledge of specific tools, terms, critiques, and methods. ARC graduates understand that architecture lays in the cross fields of art and science, and therefore value both aesthetics and standardized processes with the application of technology.

Architectural design as a comprehensive creative process is the focus of the ARC program. Throughout their studies, ARC students learn to combine their knowledge and experience with imagination and artistry to create unique and coherent designs. Additionally, students obtaining an ARC major learn to use design to solve urban problems and create sustainable urban spaces.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the ARC program?

While possessing knowledge of current design trends and capabilities to produce unique modern designs, ARC students are also familiar with construction management and urban planning. This makes them attractive candidates for a variety of different positions. Commonly,  students are employed as architects or designers of different kinds. However, possible jobs are not limited by these two fields. Many ARC graduates choose to pursue careers in urban planning or historic conservation. Today, architects are solving problems, allowing for the creation of greener and more sustainable places for living.

Generally, ARC graduates can expect to be  hired in the following fields:

  • Architecture (Residential/Commercial Architect, Landscape Architect, Restoration Architect, Architectural Technologist, Architectural Draftsman, Architectural Photographer)
  • Design (Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Spatial Designer, Production Designer, Graphic Designer, 3D Visualizer)
  • Urban Planning (Town Planning Conceptual Architect, Urban Planner)
  • Historic Conservation (Conservation Officer, Building Surveyor, Historic Buildings Inspector)
  • Engineering (Structural Engineer)
  • Entrepreneurship (Architecture Company Owner)

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