Frequently Asked Questions

Application & Admission Process
for Undergraduate Students

When can I apply for admission to Paragon International University?

The admission period is announced on the university’s main website and Facebook Page before the beginning of every semester. You can apply for admission to Paragon International University during one of the two intake periods.
* First Intake (for Semester I): from July 1 to early November.
* Second Intake (for Semester II): from early February to early March

Is there an entrance exam for admission to Paragon International University?

High school graduates, who have successfully passed their “BACII” exam, are eligible to apply for admission to Paragon International University. There is not a separate entrance exam required for admission.

(COVID 19 UPDATE: Public school students who haven’t taken the BACII exam, please contact our front desk)

However, certain study programs require students to take a Math Placement Test to determine what level of math students should study in their freshman year.

When can I take the Math Placement Test if it is required by my department?

The Math Placement Test is administered during the orientation week (i.e. one week before the start of the semester).

My English is not very good. Can I still apply to study at Paragon International University?

Yes. If you are not proficient enough in the English language, you can still apply for admission to an undergraduate program at Paragon International University. In this case, you will have to take our English Proficiency Test after your enrolment to determine whether you should study in our English Preparatory Program or freshman year.

I want to apply for a scholarship to study at Paragon International University. What should I do?

Paragon International University offers more than 400 scholarships and tuition fee discounts.
For detailed information about the scholarship please visit the Scholarships Page

Can I register this year and start the university next year?

Yes, you can. You just need to make the payment of the registration fee in advance, yet you don’t need to pay any tuition fee. However, please note that the maximum period of study for a 4-year degree program cannot be longer than 6 academic years.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, you can do so. However, the application and registration fees are non-refundable.

Can I apply online for admission?

You can apply online for admission or simply walk into our campus to apply. Assistance is provided for walk-in applicants. Please note that international applications are subject to approval of the registrar and the response process may take 5 working days.

Can international students apply for admission to Paragon.U?

Yes, international students can apply and study at Paragon.U. Please see the information for international students here or find at Admission > Admission Requirements > International

What are the admission requirements at Paragon International University?

Admission requirements and the process are explained under the Admissions page of the university website.

When do the classes start?

In an academic year at Paragon International University, there are 2 semesters followed by a summer term. Semester I begins in early November and finishes in late February. Semester II begins in mid-March and ends in late July. For more updated information, please see Academic Calendar

Study Programs & Academics

What undergraduate degree programs are offered at Paragon International University?

Paragon International University offers undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree education in the following programs:
Civil Engineering (CE)
Architecture (ARC)
Computer Science (CS)
Management of Information Systems (MIS)
Business Administration (BUS)
Banking & Finance (BAF)
International Relations (IR)
International Trade and Logistics (ITL)
Industrial Engineering (IE)

Are the undergraduate degree programs internationally recognized?

Yes. We offer a university education with a strong curriculum at international standards. Our alumni are admitted to prominent graduate schools in the USA, UK, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Thailand, the Netherlands, and many others.

Who are the lecturers at Paragon International University?

Lecturers at Paragon International University are qualified and experienced academicians and professionals who received their graduate and postgraduate degrees from reputable universities around the globe. They typically have a PhD in their field or at least a Master’s Degree with teaching/professional experience. Paragon International University is proud of its body of diverse faculty members and staff of over 10 different nationalities from America, Europe and Asia.

How are classes scheduled at the university?

Course schedules are arranged by the Provost’s Office and typically spread over the week between 8 AM and 5 PM. In addition to their regular class hours, students are expected to spend 20 to 25 hours per week for independent study and research.
In the English Preparatory Program, the sessions usually run from 8 AM – 12 PM, from Monday to Friday, and learners are expected to do practice and self-study in the afternoons.

Is attendance compulsory?

Attendance is a component of the grading system and it comprises 10% of the overall grade. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all class activities. Absenteeism will result in low grades or failure in the course.

How many credits should I complete to obtain a degree?

In order to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Paragon International University, you have to complete at least 132 or 154 credits. The number of credits required for graduation may change based on your study program. A course usually weighs 3 or 4 credits.
Please refer to the relevant department for more information regarding the credits from the “Prospective Students” menu above.

How many credits will I take in a semester?

The number of permissible credits you take in a semester depends on your academic capacity and requirements of the curriculum. The number of credits you take must be approved by your academic advisor.

How long do I have to study to obtain a Bachelor's degree at Paragon International University?

Undergraduate degree programs at Paragon International University typically take four years. Students may delay their graduation if they suspend their studies due to extraordinary circumstances, or if they prefer to take fewer credits in each semester or if they fail several classes and need to repeat them.
Please notice that Cambodian Higher Education Regulations tolerates extending your studies only up to 6 years.

Can I transfer credits from another university to enroll in Paragon International University?

Yes, you can, but you have to schedule an appointment with the Registrar and the Head of the Department that you wish to transfer to. The number of transferable credits may change depending on transcripts of individual applicants. Once the Department Head determines the number of credits and specific courses that you can transfer, the Registrar’s Office will help process your transfer application.

Fees & Scholarships

What is the cost of study at Paragon International University?

There are 2 types of fees charged at Paragon International University. These are a registration fee and a tuition fee.
The registration Fee is 500$ per academic year and it must be paid to in order for you to proceed as a student at the university.
Tuition fees are the payments charged as the value of your actual study, the courses you take, lecturing, etc. Tuition fees are charged on a semester basis. Tuition fees vary depending on your study program.
Scholarship discounts cover only tuition fees and are not applicable to the registration fee. For the most recent information on fees, please visit the Admissions link.

Are there any scholarships offered at Paragon International University?

Yes, Paragon International University provides tuition fee scholarships for the academic year 2020-2021:
1. ParagonU Scholarships Exam
2. Partnership Scholarship
For detailed information about scholarships, please visit the link: Scholarships
Note: The registration fee is not covered by tuition fee scholarships.

Does the scholarship include the registration fee?

The scholarships offered at Paragon International University are discounts that cover only tuition fees, not the registration fee. For example, a student who has earned a 100 % scholarship has to pay only a registration fee every year.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

For detailed information about scholarships please visit the link: Scholarship

If I miss the Scholarship Examination day, can I take the exam on another date?

No, Paragon International University Scholarship Examinations are administered only once every academic year.

I am an international student. Can I apply for a Paragon International University Scholarship Exam?

Yes, International applicants residing in Cambodia can apply for scholarships via the Scholarship Exam.

What do I need to bring to the Scholarship Examination?

National ID or passport or any ID with your name and photo on it.

What is the scholarship exam like?

The Paragon International University Scholarship Exam is a 2-hour long, paper-based, multiple-choice test that measures students’ general ability to succeed in one or more study programs at Paragon International University. There are three exam types: General Reasoning, International Relations, and Physics.
* Applicants interested in any field other than International Relations must take the General Reasoning Exam, which consists of Mathematical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning questions. This is a two-hour long exam.
* Applicants interested in Civil Engineering additionally take the Physics Exam. This is a one-hour exam.
* Applicants interested in International Relations (regardless of any other interests) must take the International Relations Exam. This is a two-hour long exam. It is only for IR applicants and consists primarily of questions testing general knowledge of current events and history. It also contains a short section on logical reasoning.

Can I still retain my scholarship if I have to study in the English Preparatory Program?

Yes, a tuition fee scholarship is valid for 2 semesters spent at the English preparatory school and 10 semesters spent at the undergraduate program. Notice that the tuition fee scholarship does not include the registration fee.

English Language Requirement

What is the language of instruction at Paragon International University?

The language of instruction and examinations at Paragon International University is English. All courses are taught in the English language. Therefore, it is imperative that your level of English language is proficient enough to study in an academic environment.

My English is good. How can I prove my level of proficiency?

There are 4 ways to prove that your English is good enough to study at Paragon International University.
1. You can take the Paragon International University English Proficiency Test and get a passing score or conditional passing score.
2. If you have earned a score of 60 or more at TOEFL iBT, you will be exempted from our language requirement.
3. If you have earned a score of 5.5 band or more at IELTS academic, you will be exempted from the language requirement.
4. If you can certify that you have successfully completed level 12 at ACE English language courses, you will be exempted from the language requirement.

Can I be exempted from taking the English Proficiency Test if I have a TOEFL or IELTS score?

Yes, you are exempted from taking the English Proficiency Test if you have a TOEFL iBT score of 60 or an IELTS score of 5.5.

My English is not very good. Can I still study at Paragon International University?

Yes. Even if you are not proficient enough in the English language, you can still apply for admission to an undergraduate program at Paragon International University. In this case, you will have to study in the English Preparatory Program before you are allowed into freshman year.

What is the English Proficiency Test like?

Paragon International University’s English Language Proficiency Test consists of two parts.
The first part of the test is a 2-hour long computer-based, multiple-choice test that measures students’ knowledge and skills in grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension. The second part of the test measures student’s writing skills and accuracy. At the end of the test, an overall judgment is done by the test coordinator to place the student at the appropriate level in the English Preparatory program or allow them to study in freshman year.

When is the English Language Proficiency Test?

You can take the test after you enroll in an undergraduate program at Paragon International University. The testing team will inform you of your testing schedule. You will be notified of your result via the phone number you provided.


Does Paragon International University have a dress code for students?

Unlike some higher education institutions in Cambodia, students are not required to wear any uniform to the university. However, a proper casual dress code is expected on campus.

Does the university provide accommodation for students?

Unfortunately, Paragon International University does not provide any housing facility to its students. Students who need accommodation may consider options of the rental rooms in the Toul Kork area.

Does the university have any shuttle (transportation) service for the students?

Unfortunately, Paragon International University does not provide any shuttle services to its students to commute to the campus. Students need to arrange their own means of transportation.

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