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What is the focus of the Business Administration (BUS) program?

Since the beginning of the century, Cambodia has been pursuing the ambition of attaining an upper-middle-income status by 2030. In order to do this, it actively works on supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). According to some government officials, modernizing SMEs is a crucial task for the Cambodian economy if it wants to compete globally. That is why the Royal Government of Cambodia actively encourages new business initiatives through investment and otherwise. In relation to this, studying business administration is very popular among Cambodian students.

Additionally, in recent years many international companies have chosen to expand to the Cambodian market. These companies choose to employ qualified young professionals with developed soft skills and knowledge of business administration. However, there is still a visible shortage of such individuals in Cambodia today.

Paragon International University strives to produce graduates able to satisfy the needs of the labor market.  Students of the BUS program develop critical, analytical, and communication skills for a career in business. Working with our international faculty, they acquire the leadership skills necessary for team building, managing projects, and inspiring others to do their very best. The program is intended for students interested in an undergraduate management educational experience. Our business program is able to accommodate the diverse interests of students with a wide range of goals, from beginning a career to starting a business, to advanced graduate studies.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the BUS program?

BUS program prepares graduates for a variety of positions in the areas of management and entrepreneurship. Since the BUS program provides its students with a solid background in administration, many graduates find themselves working in the fields of marketing, hr, or operations management. However, most often BUS graduates choose to pursue their entrepreneurship ambitions by starting their own companies.

Some of the career pathways suitable for BUS graduates include the following professions:

  • Consumer Research and Marketing (Market Research Analyst, Insights Analyst, Market Research Interviewer; Product Analyst)
  • Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneur; Startup Founder/Team)
  • General Management (managing positions in Customer Service, Hospitality, Real Estate, etc.)
  • Human Resources Management (HR Manager, Recruitment Officer)
  • Operations Management (Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager)

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