Why to choose



International Quality Standard Education

Lecturers are qualified and experienced professors​ who received their degrees from reputable universities around the globe. They typically have a Ph.D. in their field or at least a Master’s Degree with teaching/professional experience. Paragon.U boasts its body of diverse faculty members and staff over 10 different nationalities from America, Europe, and Asia.
Our alumni are admitted to prominent graduate schools in the USA, UK, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Netherland, Thailand, and many others.


Full-Fledged Facilities and Supportive Student Services

The university campus is well equipped with modern tech facilities to make it more convenient for students and staff to conduct their studies and research. The facilities are well managed to make sure hygiene and comfort are in control.
Paragon.U focuses on providing students with the support and fundamental skills needed for academic success and to soften their pressure from learning. With that in mind, we offer peer tutoring, counseling services, academic workshops, trips, and many other programs.


A broad network of partner universities and industries

Paragon.U offers a wide range of opportunities for the international experience to students including exchange programs which are credit transferable, summer programs, and other cultural exchange programs. Besides, there are dual degree programs in which students can get 2 degrees after 2 years of studies at Paragon.U and 2 years or more at one of the partner universities.
The university has cooperation with various firms for student internship placements and site visits which support and reinforce their in-class lectures.


Vibrant Student Clubs and Activities

Students are encouraged and fully supported to organize and join extracurricular activities in addition to their academic participation which could serve their interests and boosts their networking skills.
The university is located in a convenient location in Toul Kork close to the cinema, shopping mall, sports clubs where students can also choose to spend their free time off-campus.