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What is the focus of the Economics (ECON) program?

The ECON program aims to provide students with an advanced understanding of economic structures, processes, and policies in Cambodia and the broader regional and global economic context. Students learn to apply economic methods and theories to explain economic phenomena, to develop economic policies, to solve economic problems, and to forecast economic trends.

The theoretical and practical knowledge gained by the program equips students with quantitative and qualitative research skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, communication and writing skills, and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in the field of economics.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the ECON program?

The ECON program provides students with a solid foundation to enter the private and public economic sectors in administrative, management, educational, research, and policy positions.

ECON graduates might work in the following professions:

  • Entrance Positions as Economic Consultant (Investment Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Analyst, Economic Policy Planning and Implementation, Economic Development Analyst)
  • Entrance Positions as Economic Researcher (for research institutions, companies, public sector, academia)
  • Management and Administrative Positions (in the public sector including ministries, development NGOs, intergovernmental development organizations, international and national financial institutions incl. banks and insurance, and industries)
  • Academic Career (MA/Ph.D. studies in Economics, Economics Instructor, Researcher, Professor)

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