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What is the focus of the Civil Engineering (CE) program?

Since the beginning of the 21st  century, Cambodia has been on a path of rapid economic development. This means the construction sector has been booming with opportunities. The development of the infrastructure, such as road and bridge construction, as well as the building of new apartment complexes and shopping malls, are trending in the Kingdom. Combined with the high interest from foreign investors, these developments make the civil engineering field very lucrative.

Civil engineering includes designing and constructing facilities that are essential for human welfare. This includes buildings we live in, roads that we use for commuting, bridges for easy access, dams to produce energy, and many others. It is one of the earliest engineering disciplines that humanity has been practicing to develop civilization.

CE program at ParagonIU aims to develop a  new generation of highly qualified specialists with a fundamental knowledge of science and engineering. CE students start their journey by mastering basic science and mathematics. The study of engineering mechanics and materials, which are fundamentals to civil engineering, begins in the second year. The last two years of the program provide an in-depth focus on the following disciplines:

  • the principles of structural engineering (analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures)
  • geotechnical engineering (behavior of soils, design of foundations)
  • hydraulics engineering (flow of water in pipes, open channels, water resources)
  • environmental engineering (pollution of our environment, collection, and disposal of wastes)
  • the general systems approach to engineering problems

Throughout the program, CE students are also exposed to an introduction to construction management and economics, which are essential to every practicing engineer.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the CE program?

Upon graduation from ParagonIU, CE students qualify for responsible positions in the industry in analysis, design, and construction management. Prospective employers include, but are not limited to, construction contractors, consulting firms, industrial firms, and various government agencies.

Therefore,  CE graduates can find themselves employed as:

  • Local and regional consultants (planning and designing projects, supervising the implementation of construction plans)
  • Local and regional contractors (organizing the execution of the designs on sites, overseeing labor forces and materials, considering time, cost, and safety precautions)
  • Local and regional authorities (being responsible for water, drainage, transport, and highway systems)

Our graduates can also find themselves pursuing academic careers at engineering departments of universities or running and managing private construction companies.

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