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What is the focus of the Banking and Finance (BAF) program?

In recent years, Cambodia has been experiencing a significant leap in development with GDP growth being among the highest in Asia. At the same time, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been actively developing ties with ASEAN, and recently the Kingdom became a highly attractive market for foreign direct investment. All of these gave rise to financial activity increasing the need for quality online and offline financial services. Together with the takeover by traditional banks, Cambodia is also looking at the rapid development of the fintech industry. For the past few years, the Kingdom has seen a spark of highly successful financial management startups, such as Wing, TrueMoney, Bongloy, and ventures that are ready to invest millions in them.

All this means that the Cambodian banking sector is experiencing a strong need for qualified employees and financial experts. The Department of Banking and Finance aims to raise a new generation of high-potential professionals and therefore contribute to the labor market’s needs. For years, our department has successfully cooperated with leaders in the Cambodian banking industry in terms of curriculum development and internship opportunities. For many years, the BAF department remains of high interest to Cambodian high-school graduates.

ParagonIU’s BAF program focuses on raising students’ financial competence by providing training in areas of economics, finance, accounting, and administration. Besides this, BAF students gain a deeper understanding of major trends in the Cambodian economy and banking system. In addition, the BAF department highly values the spirit of entrepreneurship and always supports graduates as well as current students in their attempts to start their private ventures.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the BAF program?

All BAF graduates gain a competitive advantage in the Cambodian labor market because of their advanced command of English, specialized knowledge, and IT skills. Besides this, their developed soft skills, such as leadership, public speaking, and decision-making potentially make them very attractive candidates for prestigious management positions. Additionally, BAF students are generally looking to get hired in the fields of banking, finance, and investment. Finally, BAF graduates may also choose to pursue an entrepreneurship path and find themselves founding or being otherwise involved in startups and business ventures.

Some of the recommended fields of BAF employment are:

  • Banking (Branch Manager, Loan Officer, Marketing Representative)
  • Capital Markets (Corporate Finance Analyst, Corporate Finance Manager)
  • Capital Markets Insurance (Actuarial Analyst, Actuary)
  • Startups (CEO, CFO, Financial Analyst)
  • Professional Services (Audit, Tax, Advisory)
  • Private Equity & Investment Management (Investment Analyst, Investment Officer, Investment Manager, Loan/Micro-Loan Managers & Advisers)

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