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What is the focus of the Industrial Engineering (IE) program?

In the past decade, Cambodia has made a few decisions leading from traditional industry towards Industry 4.0. In other words, it goes along with a global automation trend, automated production capability to solve sustainability, the labor market, and other existing problems. Most of the Industry 4.0 goals can be achieved by merging information in another word Artificial Intelligence, communication technologies, making the existing processes and systems more efficient and optimal. In fact, efficiency is one of the key concerns of today’s production and manufacturing sectors, as it allows businesses to stay competitive. Therefore, Cambodia, like many other countries, is encouraging the human resource pool to upgrade their traditional competencies and skills.

IE program at Paragon International University teaches students to optimize complex processes and systems. It means that future industrial engineers learn how to use resources more effectively in compliance with business and sustainability goals. Specifically, IE students learn how to reduce excessive usage of time, materials, and financial resources, such as money, man-hours, machine time, and energy to produce more value. To do this, students need to understand the process and systems design, which improves quality and productivity. The IE program follows global research trends in the areas of manufacturing systems, supply chain systems, financial engineering, simulation, statistical modeling, discrete optimization, stochastic processes, ergonomics, and the dynamics of socio-economic systems.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the IE program?

Industrial Engineering is a very prospective field, which opens up many opportunities for its graduates. Cambodia is reaching the peak of its development, which means more production and operations. However, due to the rapid pace of growth, the Cambodian labor market is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. Therefore, IE can be a steady and safe career choice for many applicants considering an engineering major.

After graduation, students can find themselves working in the following professions:

  • Industrial Engineering (Industrial Engineer, Automation System Engineer)
  • Economics and Finance (Forecast Analyst)
  • Customer Support (Operations Analyst)
  • Quality Assurance and Control (Quality Engineer)
  • Production (Process Engineer, Manufacture Site Planner
  • Technology and Innovation (Innovation and Design Engineer)
  • Logistics (Logistics Engineer)

Industrial Engineering

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