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What is the focus of the International Relations (IR) program?

The International Relations students at ParagonIU learn about the theories and issues in current international affairs so that they can actively participate in shaping the direction and betterment of Cambodia and the world. The program values open-mindedness, critical thinking, a sense of community, and competent leadership. Throughout the program, students get exposed to various theories and “Schools of Thought” in international relations and political sciences, and this helps them make sense of the complexities of national and world affairs.

During the first two years of the program, students learn the fundamental concepts of political sciences and international relations within the Cambodian and regional context. Over the course of their studies, students undertake a comparative analysis of nation-states, while trying to understand and apply IR and political science theories at ASEAN meetings simulations. In the last two years of their studies, IR students go deeper into the discipline by studying territorial disputes, international political economy, conflict resolution, and foreign policy. The program is therefore specifically designed to equip students not only with knowledge in their field but also with practical skills that will enhance the effectiveness of their future careers.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the IR program?

The IR graduates are the most suitable candidates for careers in the diplomatic corps, foreign affairs ministry, and international affairs offices in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Additionally, they might find employment at multinational corporations, UN and international development agencies. Graduates of the program may also continue to study on graduate programs abroad if they wish to join academia and research community (i.e. teaching at universities or working as researchers for think-tanks and institutes).

Some of the potential organizations and fields of employment are:

  • Embassies and Consulates (Ambassador, Consul, Embassy Employee)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA Officer)
  • Think Tanks (Research Fellow, Executive positions)
  • Universities (Researcher, Lecturer)
  • NGOs (NGO Manager)
  • Businesses (International Business Manager)
  • United Nations and other international organizations (Employee at different UN Departments or other international organizations)
  • Foreign Services (Foreign Services Officer, Foreign Correspondent)
  • Intelligence (Intelligence Officer)
  • Public Affairs (Public Affairs Specialist)
  • Foreign Investment (Foreign Investment Specialist)

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