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International Trade and Logistics

What is the focus of the International Trade and Logistics (ITL) program?

In the upcoming decade, Cambodia will strive to develop international connections with the countries of ASEAN and beyond. One important aspect of such collaboration would be in the business sector. Since the beginning of the century, Cambodia has been working hard on establishing international trade agreements with some of the biggest players worldwide. Today, Cambodian’s main import partners are China and Hong Kong. However,, most of the Kingdom’s export markets include the USA and Western Europe. All these countries possess high trade and logistics standards, and Cambodia needs to better its processes in order to remain an attractive partner for future cooperation.

An upgrade of logistics and trading efficiency often requires qualified human capital. International trade often drives the country’s growth, but for it to work it needs to be efficient and transparent. As for logistics, its goals are to deliver the right product correctly and on time while minding the cost and quality of service. All of this can be achieved only with the right amount of knowledge and strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.

The ITL program at ParagonIU focuses on developing young professionals with a firm background in international economics, administration, management, and finance. The science of international trade and logistics is complex, as it builds upon the knowledge of multiple disciplines. Because of this, ITL students learn to function effectively in the ever-changing global marketplace environment. Apart from learning the core sciences, such as business and international relations, ITL students complete many practical projects. They also study such sector-specific subjects as international operations and logistics management and try to know more about the role of the middlemen and supporting companies in international trade.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the ITL program?

Given the multidisciplinary nature of ITL, the graduates of this program find career opportunities in a variety of different sectors. For instance, they might become employed in companies dealing with international trade and logistics, in SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which are operating globally, or in trade and finance divisions of international companies. Another career pathway leads to jobs in commercial sectors of embassies and trade-related governmental organizations.

Generally, ITL graduates may find career opportunities in the following companies and institutions:

  • Customs Departments (Customs Clearance Specialist, Customs Brokerage Specialist, Maritime & Port Authority)
  • ITL-related Companies and Services (International Trade Consultant, International Finance Dealer, Managers at Logistics Services & Centers, Freight Forwarder, Logistics Consultant)
  • Governmental Organizations (Trade Policy-Making & Advisory)
  • International Production, Service, & Sales Companies (Logistics, Supply, and Foreign Trade Departments)
  • Finance, Audit, & Foreign Trade Companies (Logistics Department)
  • Logistics Training Companies
  • Logistics Departments of Universities and Research Institutes
  • Communications and Information Technology Companies (Logistics Applications Departments)
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Related Departments of Free Zones/Economic Zones

International Trade and Logistics

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