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What is the focus of the Computer Science (CS) program?

Recently the Royal Government of Cambodia has announced a set of policies aiming towards Industry 4.0. This is a global trend of using technology for automation and sustainability. Since this announcement, Cambodian businesses have been very interested in adopting technological solutions to optimize their processes and create new business models. Indeed, the number of tech startup companies in the Kingdom has been increasing rapidly in the past decade. However, many companies seeking to hire specialists in the field of computer science notice a shortage in the Cambodian labor market.

CS program at ParagonIU aims to fill the need for the technology specialists by helping create a new generation of technically skilled workers. Throughout the CS program, students learn the fundamentals of computers, so that they can develop solutions to IT problems and enhance their computing, communication, and research skills. More specifically, students learn how to specify, develop, and manage computer systems and how to analyze and apply methodologies appropriate for hardware, software, and firmware. Additionally, CS students gain practical experience in programming, modeling, and innovating. Apart from completing regular hands-on projects, students of the CS program get the opportunity to gain industry experience through internships.

The CS curriculum provides students with a knowledge of computer science fundamentals, such as computer architecture, artificial intelligence, IT & database, web technologies, and more. During the first two years of the undergraduate program, students study basic sciences and mathematics, which provide them with IT and programming fundamentals. The third and fourth years involve the study and application of computer networks & protocols, database management systems, programming languages, foundations of artificial intelligence, etc.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the CS program?

The CS graduates qualify for responsible positions in the IT industry, public and private sectors. Prospective employers include, but are not limited to, database administrators, IT security management, computer gaming sector, and various government agencies. Many of the CS graduates gain employment in technological startups, and some of them choose to focus on entrepreneurship. Regardless of the specialization, the Cambodian IT industry is booming with opportunities for qualified professionals, as this is one of the fastest-developing sectors in the Kingdom.

Some of the examples of possible employment include:

  • Management Information Systems (IT Consultant, Database Administrator, Database Analyst)
  • Networks (Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Operations Project Manager)
  • Software Development (Fullstack Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Programming Analyst)
  • Data Mining (Data Analyst)
  • Systems (Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer)
  • Telecommunications (Telecommunications Network Engineer)

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