English Preparatory School

English Preparatory School (EPS) is an intensive English program aimed at the advancement of language performance by potential freshmen candidates. Based on the results of the Paragon.U entrance exam (aka Proficiency Exam), students lacking the required English language proficiency are admitted to the EPS to enhance their language competence. EPS students are offered Academic English courses that help them master a higher level of English skills as needed by their undergraduate programs throughout their studies. To specify, students get trained in academic listening & note-taking, academic reading & annotation, academic writing, and public speaking.

Upon admission to the program, a Placement Test is done to allocate the students to the classrooms based on their abilities. Currently, the program offers courses of 4 different levels, which correspond with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1/A2/B1 during the semester I, and A2/B1/B2 during semester II.

EPS Levels Sequence

Semester I Semester II
Level 1 (A1-A2 in CEFR or Elementary) Level 2 (A2-B1 in CEFR or Pre-Intermediate)
Level 2 (A2-B1 in CEFR or Pre-Intermediate) Level 3 (B1-B2 in CEFR or Intermediate)
Level 3 (B1-B2 in CEFR or Intermediate) Level 4 (B2-C1 in CEFR or Upper-Intermediate)

School Contact Info

English Preparatory School

Paragon International University

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00


Academic staff of English Preparatory School