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The spread of the Covid-19 Virus is one of the biggest concerns for everyone in our country and the whole world. Because of this global Pandemic, many people feel overwhelmed and have faced a lot of emotional struggles. It could negatively affect the lives of countless people in the long-term if we don’t have any good responses to deal with this crisis, and that is why today, we have come up with 10 ways that you can apply to your routine to take care of yourself during this period of lockdown.

1. Stay Active

It’s essential for you to take care of both your mental and physical health during this pandemic. You can use this time to challenge yourself to be productive. Exercise at home is an excellent way to build momentum, which doesn’t only help you remain healthy but also proven to be very beneficial to allow you to cope with stress. If you need some instruction to build your exercise routine at home, YouTube or Facebook are useful sources to help guide you during this challenging time.

2. Develop new habit

This lockdown can be an excellent opportunity to build new habits and improve your skill. You should especially use some time to prepare your day-day schedule because it can help you familiarize yourself and keep you on track with your daily tasks.

3. Take 10 to Zen

When you’re stressed about something (such as coronavirus), your thoughts tend to speed up. Taking 10 minutes or so to practice mindfulness can help produce a sense of calmness. It’s also good for you to give yourself some time to relax by doing some activities such as taking in the fresh air in nature (if you can) or by doing meditation.

4. Catch up with your friends

We understand that this pandemic put us all in a situation where we can’t have a physical hang out with our friends or colleagues. But thanks to our advanced technology, you can still contact and maintain a relationship with them. There are various options to help you keep your circles of networks, such as staying in touch through social media, email, or trying something new such as playing some fun activities together through the online platform.

5. Get enough sleep

Inadequate rest can seriously affect your mood, such as you may have difficulty concentrating or become irritable, so during this time you may have plenty of time at home to do the necessary things during the day. And then at night, you should get enough rest, about 8 hours a day, because it can be a part of taking care of your mental health better.

6. Take a break from the news

Looking at the news is good for you to follow up with the current situation, but if you’re doing so at an excessive amount or gathering news from unreliable sources can sometimes be harmful to your emotional/mental well-being.

7. Make a music playlist

Research has shown that listening to music may have an effect on anxiety, blood pressure, and stress hormones. During this pandemic, music can be a source of comfort for a lot of people. You can design your music playlist depending on your mood as certain kinds of music may reduce those symptoms, namely soft, classical music.

8. Pick up the Reading habit

During this excess time we all have at home, you can take this chance to improve your knowledge through reading. This is a good opportunity to develop your reading habit because it can help you more than just to gain knowledge but it also helps you to maintain your mental health as well.

9. Learn something new

It’s such an ample opportunity for you to try and learn something new during the period of this pandemic or lockdown. You can ask your family to join with you to make or do something new that you have never done before or you can also ask your friends to join together to pick a topic that you are interested in and then learn about it together.

10. Follow up with our pages

The final step for coping with stress is to follow our pages. We will always be here with you and try our best to bring something new and fun to help you cope and deal with this crisis together.

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