Phorsda Ben Thorn: Internship at TWdigital

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Phorsda Ben Thorn: Internship at TWdigital

Phorsda Ben Thorn is a sophomore student from the Department of Management of Information Systems ParagonIU. He completed an internship at TWdigital. Phorsda shared his internship experience as follows:

I had my one-month internship at TWdigital, which is a digital marketing company. Throughout the internship period, I have learned a lot ranging from communication, teamwork, to work ethic and responsibility.
Having my very first internship was challenging at first because I had to learn many new things, but there were a great number of people who were there willing to help me going through any upcoming challenges. It was a fun and exciting experience that I could never forget. I think I have made the right decision stepping out of my comfort zone and starting to explore what is out there.

After the internship ended, I finally realized that it is important to be a part of something, and it does not matter whether it is big or small. One day, you will be able to do something big, and it is possible only when you start from something small.”

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