Rector's Scholarship Application

The Rector's Scholarships will be awarded based on a holistic admissions process that requires candidates to submit applications with their portfolio.

Total number of Scholarships

Amount of Scholarships Number of Awards
100% 10
75% 20
50% up to 50
25% up to 150

Regulations and deadlines

▸ Applicants have to provide all required documents.
▸ Additional documents will not be accepted once the application is submitted (if you submit multiple applications, we will review only the latest one).
▸ Selected applicants will be invited for further interviews if deemed necessary.
▸ Please use your own phone number.
▸ Applications for Rector’s Scholarships are accepted till August 31, 2021 (05:00 pm)
▸ Online IQ Test is on September 4, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00 am. It is a part of the admissions process and should be taken by all applicants.
▸ Results will be announced by the end of September, 2021.

Application Form

(* required fields)

Note that total size of all files should not exceed 24 megabytes

    Check motivation letter guide below.
    If you have any questions related to this scholarship call us at:

    +855 23 996 111
    +855 17 996 111
    +855 15 996 111

    Motivation Letter Guide

    1st paragraph (maximum 200 words) – Introduce yourself, your achievements, and goals.
    កថាខណ្ឌទី ១ (អតិបរិមា ២០០ ពាក្យ) – សូមណែនាំពីខ្លួនអ្នក សមិទ្ធិផលផ្សេងៗ និងគោលដៅរបស់អ្នក។

    2nd paragraph (maximum 200 words) – How a major (not university) you have selected relates to your goals and with your background
    កថាខណ្ឌទី ២ (អតិបរិមា ២០០ ពាក្យ) – សូមរៀបរាប់ពីកត្តាដែលជំរុញឱ្យ​អ្នកជ្រើសរើសជំនាញសិក្សានេះ​ និងមូលហេតុដែលវាទាក់ទងនឹងគោលដៅ និងប្រវត្តិរបស់អ្នក

    3rd paragraph (maximum 100 words) – Why you have chosen Paragon.U; how Paragon.U can help you achieve your goals and why you think you should be awarded this scholarship.
    កថាខណ្ឌទី ៣ (អតិបរមា ១០០ ពាក្យ) ហេតុអ្វីបានជាអ្នកជ្រើសរើសយកសាកលវិទ្យាល័យអន្តរជាតិ ផារ៉ាហ្គន?
    តើ ស.ផារ៉ាហ្គន អាចជួយអ្នកឱ្យសម្រេចគោលដៅរបស់អ្នកបានយ៉ាងដូចម្តេច?