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What is the focus of the Architectural Engineering (AE) program?

In line with rapid development, Cambodian cities are quickly changing. Businesses try to adopt modern designs to better appeal to the new generation of Cambodian consumers. This generation is not satisfied with the services alone – they demand a certain atmosphere from the places they attend. Therefore, designers and architects are needed in the Cambodian labor market. However, not all local businesses can afford to hire such talent due to the scarcity of both human and financial resources. The profession of architectural engineering aims to solve this problem. In fact, AE students learn to be both – designers and engineers. This helps make building processes more efficient, which can effectively reduce the cost and minimize the time of the project.

The AE program at ParagonIU strives to produce high-potential young professionals, who have an artistic perspective and solid knowledge of engineering processes. By pursuing the  AE major, future architectural engineers learn to build efficient, sustainable structures safely, quickly, and within budget. This versatile program combines both theoretical and practical approaches with a background in both the design and the construction of buildings and building systems. AE students learn to connect theory and the hands-on applications of design principles, practices, methods, and materials. Through a combination of lecture and laboratory courses, AE students acquire strong skills in mathematics, science, construction materials, methods as well as building information modeling.

What career pathways are open to graduates of the AE program?

As the construction industry is rapidly developing, AE graduates have a lot of opportunities for employment. Mainly, the AE program aims to provide basic and professional education in building-related structural engineering. Therefore, fresh graduates often choose careers in the construction sector. However, there are multiple possibilities in this field – from developing safe and economical designs to hands-on construction. Additionally, AE graduates might pursue their personal entrepreneurship ambitions, as the AE program provides sufficient knowledge not only in mathematics, science, and construction materials but in business as well.

Generally, the AE major leads to the following professions:

  • Architecture and Design (Architect, Architectural Designer)
  • Engineering (Project Engineer/Manager, Structural Systems Engineer, Mechanical Engineer)
  • Utilities Engineering (Electrical and Lighting Systems Engineer, Fire Protection Systems Engineer, Plumbing Systems Engineer)
  • Urban Planning (Urban Planner, Civil Designer)
  • Building Information Modelling and Management (BIM Coordinator/Manager)

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