Marina Fedorova




Marina comes from Ukraine, but she got her Master’s degree from Yaroslavl’s Pedagogical University in Russia. Marina majored in Language Teaching with a focus on English and German languages. Throughout her career, Marina tried herself as a teacher and translator in a variety of fields from business to heavy machinery. However, Marina is exceptionally good at instructional design and course development. In the past, she developed specialized courses in Business English, Technical English (shipbuilding industry), English for Tourism, and English for Trade. Before coming to Cambodia, Marina worked at schools in the USA, UK, Russia, and Thailand. These broad experiences helped Marina develop her intercultural awareness as well as gave her many invaluable competencies in the field of language teaching. Marina’s main strength and area of interest is English grammar, which she continuously develops in English Preparatory School’s students at Paragon University. Marina believes that the key to effective learning is developing rapport with students and engaging them in extensive practice.


  • Education