Maria Mavridou




Maria Mavridou comes from Greece, and she is currently working as an English language instructor at the English Preparatory School at Paragon University. Maria teaches academic skills including reading, text analysis, essay writing, active listening, spoken communication as well as grammar and vocabulary. Maria always had a natural curiosity about the mechanics of language. Her teaching philosophy started developing at an early age when she heard her primary teacher saying: “How you say something is equally important to what you say”. At that moment, Maria decided to study linguistics in a quest to gain a deeper understanding of how language expressions can influence moods, thoughts, and a general understanding of the world. Maria acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Greenwich University in London. Since her graduation, she has been helping language learners understand the functions, forms, and peculiarities of English as well as develop positive inner dialogue and become self-confident learners. Maria is deeply interested in connections between language, cognition, and psychology. That is why she is currently acquiring an MSc in Psychology from the University of Derby, UK. Maria has a very strong interest in educational and social psychology research, especially in examining the effects of socio-cultural influences on the psychology and performance of language learners.


  • M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Derby, Derby, England, (in progress)
  • B.A. in Linguistics and English Language Teaching, University of Greenwich, London, England, 2013