Dora Molnar




Dora Molnar was born and raised in Hungary, where she attended Ferenc Kölcsey Teacher Training College of the Reformed Church and earned her bachelor’s degree in Hungarian grammar and literature. Throughout the courses of her educational program, Dora was able to extensively maintain close contact with students and learn about their psychology and behavior. After obtaining her college degree, Dora moved to Cambodia in 2009. Since then, Dora has worked in a few schools in Phnom Peng, including BELTEI International Institute and Fredfort International Institute, and even tried herself as a school manager at Sambo’s Tots Playhouse & Playschool. This is how Dora acquired her valuable experience in curriculum design and educational management. Currently, Dora is working as a lecturer at the English Preparatory School at Paragon International University. Her responsibilities include curriculum and assessment design as well as instruction delivery. As a teacher, Dora promotes an academically engaged learning environment with critical thinking and a desire to participate. She wants to instill knowledge and curiosity in every student that she teaches so that they develop into smart and highly functioning members of society.


  • Teacher’s Degree (Equivalent to BA in Primary Education), Kölcsey F. Protestant Teacher Training College, Hungary, 2006